A dynamic exchange: Consul General Cerbo visits the Italian Studies program at Monash

Italian Consul General in Melbourne, Marco Maria Cerbo, visited the Italian Studies program at Monash.

Italian Consul gives speech

In a dynamic exchange with students of the Italian Studies program at Clayton, Consul Cerbo revealed a number of Italian inventions that are used by everyone in our daily life.

It was surprising to know that objects such as the plastic bottle cap that we use every day is an Italian invention, not to mention that high heels were for the first time created in Italy during the Renaissance.

As a tribute to the Consul and to Italian culture, two students of Italian, Lisa Parker and Peter Sergi, beautifully performed two opera arias in Italian.

It was also an opportunity for the Consul to get to know the work done in Italian Studies and in the Arts Faculty at Monash, and for the students to listen to his view on the role of Italy in the world.

Students and staff did also have the opportunity to ask the Consul about his work, the role of Consulates, and about his initiatives for closer relationships between Italy and Australia.

Consul Cerbo, who has recently taken his position in Melbourne, was invited by the Italian Studies co-ordinator Dr Patrizia Sambuco.

The event , on April 9th, was attended by students and staff of Italian Studies, the Dean of Arts Prof Rae Frances and the Head of LLCL, Associate Professor Rita Wilson.

The event was inspiring and much appreciated by all people involved.

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