Insight into need for interpreting services in legal, mental health and domestic violence areas

IMG_20150924_100634 (2)The recent ‘Domestic Violence & Interpreting – A National Forum’ hosted by Monash's Translation & Interpreting Studies (24–25 September 2015), provided an informative insight into the needs for interpreting services in legal, mental health and domestic violence areas.

Alison Thorne, Manager Interpreter and Language Policy Liaison, Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS National) said the forum was an important contribution to the Translation and Interpreting industry.

“I would like to congratulate the organiser of the event, Dr Jim Hlavac, and express our appreciation that we could become better informed about important social, legal, health and community issues, based on presentations from experts in many respective fields. I found it to be very relevant to TIS National and a well organised event” she said.

“TIS National interpreters interact with a variety of clients, some of who are victims or perpetrators of domestic violence. It is important that there is an open exchange of knowledge, practice-based research and training opportunities between universities and workplaces.

At the event, Professor Rita Wilson emphasised the goal of academia to be outward looking and engage with industry. In terms of engaging with the industry, this event was a big success.”

After attending the event participants shared key learnings from the forum with members of the TIS National Extended Leadership team.

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