Monash hosts national forum on domestic violence and interpreting

Monash's Translation and Interpreting Studies Program will run a forum on domestic violence and interpreting. The forum, to be held on the 24th-25th of September 2015, will address domestic violence and the provision of interpreting services for victims of domestic violence and their families.

The Forum brings together researchers in Translation and Interpreting Studies, Gender Violence, Criminology, Social Work, Psychiatry, a practising counsellor specialising in working with victims of domestic violence, a Melbourne Magistrate, representatives from In Touch Multicultural Centre Against Family Violence and the Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria, a researcher/interpreter and practising interpreters.

The program addresses a topic area which has been prioritised by the Victorian State Government as one of high importance, as evidenced by the recent appointment of Australia’s first ever Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence as a member of the Cabinet of the Victorian Government. Further, in December 2014, the Victorian State Government announced Australia’s first Royal Commission into Family Violence. The Victorian Police have also appointed the first ever Assistant Commissioner into Family Violence.

This forum will feature a variety of different perspectives and is intended for practising professional interpreters, professionals employed in the languages services industry, researchers and policy-makers in language services and domestic violence, and for organisations providing services to the victims of domestic violence and their families.

Forum Program:

Day 1 – Thursday 24 September 2015

Keynote speaker:

Prof. Maribel del Pozo Triviño (Faculty of Philology and Translation, University of Vigo, Spain)

  • Domestic violence and interpreting: international perspectives
  • Presentation of the recently completed ‘Speak Out for Support’ project and its research findings
  • Presentation of recently published ‘Specialised training for interpreters working with gender violence victims/survivors’.

Further speakers:

Prof. JaneMaree Maher (Director, Centre for Women’s Studies & Gender Research, Monash University)

  • Understanding domestic violence against women: the Australian story

Prof. Jude McCulloch (Criminology, School of Social Sciences, Monash University)

  • From ‘just a domestic’ to criminal assault in the home: The history of family violence, law and justice and the continuing need for change

Magistrate Anne Goldsbrough (Specialist Family Violence Magistrate, Law Reform Commissioner for the ALRC Family Violence and Family Law Inquiry 2010, holder of the Multicultural and Diversity Portfolio for the Magistrate’s Court, member of the National Judicial Council for Cultural Diversity Leader)

  • Family Violence in Context – Interpreters in our Court Proceedings.

Day 2 – Friday 25 September 2015

Keynote speaker:

Prof. Jayashri Kulkarni (Practising Psychiatrist. Director of the Monash Alfred Psychiatric Research Centre)

  • Mental health aspects for victims of family violence

Further speakers:

Dr Deborah Western (Dept. of Social Work, Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, Monash University)

  • Working on a structural level to prevent gender-based violence: Observations from a state-based, integrated and joined up approach’.

Ms Olga Garcia-Caro (Practising Interpreter & PhD student at RMIT University)

  • Experiences of CALD women, service providers and community interpreters in domestic violence service settings in Australia: A need for specialisation?

Ms Maya Avdibegovic (CEO, In Touch – Multicultural Centre Against Family Violence)

  • Perspectives from services providers for victims of domestic violence and their families

Ms Sarina Phan (Senior Practising Vietnamese-English Interpreter and Translator)

  • Perspectives of an interpreter working with victims of domestic violence, their families and service providers.


Venue for the Domestic Violence & Interpreting Forum is:

Monash University Law Chambers
555 Lonsdale St, Melbourne.

Due to the overwhelming response, this forum is now booked out. If you would like to put your name down on the waiting list for this forum, please contact  Dr Jim Hlavac:

Attendance at each day of the Domestic Violence & Interpreting Forum will attract 40 PD points for practising interpreters towards revalidation in ‘T & I Skills Development’ and/or ‘Complementary Skills Development’.

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