Monash Chinese Studies students awarded study scholarships in language competition

Monash Chinese Studies students awarded study scholarships in language competition

China finals-Tristan and Sean
Monash students Sean Hyatt and Tristan McCarthy

Last week saw Monash Arts students win the “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Language
Proficiency Competition for Foreign University Students once again.

Two of our students, Sean Hyatt and Tristan McCarthy, took out the Champion of Oceania and the 1st Prize respectively in the grand finals of the 15th “Chinese Bridge” competition held in Changsha, the capital city of Hunan province, China. They have both been awarded four-year full scholarships to study in China.

Sean started learning Chinese in Monash from the introductory level upon his return from his one-year voluntary work in an orphanage for disabled children in Beijing, China. He plans to conduct his field research for his proposed honours degree studies in the same orphanage in 2017. Tristan started learning Chinese from the introductory level with our program followed by a semester long Chinese language study in Taiwan.

The prestigious “Chinese Bridge” competition is an annual event to promote Chinese language learning by non-native speakers. It has attracted the best Chinese language learners in universities all over the world. During the past month, 146 students from 108 countries gathered in Changsha to compete for the outstanding finalists, going  through a range of complex language and cultural tests which include written test, artistic performance, speech, etc.

The grand finals will be available to watch via Hunan Satellite TV channel and YouTube by September 2016.

While this is a wonderful outcome for our students, it also reflects the dedication and expertise of our Chinese language staff, Hui Xu (Sean Hyatt's instructor) and Hailan Paulsen (Tristan McCarthy's instructor) who helped prepare the students for this international competition.

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