New book by Dr Ali Alizadeh launches 13 September

Book cover of The Last Days of Jeanne d'Arc by Ali Alizadeh
Book cover of The Last Days of Jeanne d'Arc by Ali Alizadeh

“miraculous (not a word to use lightly in this context) blending of history, mystery, mysticism and modernity … Jeanne d'Arc's pulling power is not diminished.”

Sydney Morning Herald, 25 August 2017.

Alizadeh opens up a space for the reader to question their own interpretations of Jeanne’s story.

Readings, 21 August 2017.

The Last Days of Jeanne d'Arc is a new book by Dr Ali Alizadeh, Senior Lecturer in Literary Studies and Creative Writing at Monash University. The book is a literary historical novel about the life of the medieval French heroine Jeanne d'Arc (Engl. Joan of Arc), and is the result of more than twenty years of research and writing.

Critics have described the book as ‘outstanding', ‘miraculous' and one that delivers ‘evidence of the author's extensive scholarship.'

The book will be launched Wednesday 13 September in Melbourne's CBD and feature live music by Sweet Whirl.

The Last Days of Jeanne d'Arc: book launch
Wednesday 13 September, 6pm-7pm
Handsome Steve's House of Refreshment, 25 Crossley street (directly above Becco), Melbourne

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