New DFAT funded translation & interpreting project for improved governance in Indonesia

New DFAT funded translation & interpreting project for improved governance in Indonesia Dr Marc Orlando and Professor Rita Wilson (centre back row), and Dr Paul McShane (left back row) with Australia Awards Fellows

Congratulations to Dr Marc Orlando, Professor Rita Wilson, Dr Jim Hlavac and Dr Paul McShane from the School of Languages, Literatures, Cultures and Linguistics (LLCL) who have been awarded funding from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for the project Developing translating and interpreting services for improved governance in Indonesia. Crucially, translating and interpreting provides the communication bridge between Indonesia and Australia, and Monash University, as a world leading provider of translating and interpreting education and training, has been chosen by the Government of Indonesia to meet their training and education needs for this significant function.

In collaboration with the Cabinet Secretariat of the Office of the President, the project meets Indonesia's government's major human resources needs in this field, and is fundamental to Indonesia's focus on sustainable economic development and improving governance amongst its government agencies and diplomatic relations. It is structured to develop management and training of translators and interpreters across Indonesia by linking to all the major Ministries, including their provincial counterparts across 34 provinces and 499 municipalities. This capacity building project focuses on translating and interpreting training which includes knowledge management of socio-cultural and gender responsiveness across Indonesia's polycultural landscape. It aims to further communication bridges across Indonesia at a time of unprecedented economic growth, and to meet the challenge of harmonising governance across the country's vast archipelago and remote regions. It will also further Indonesia and Australia's mutual interests and commitment to strengthen economic ties between the two nations.

The 12 Australia Awards Fellows have arrived at Monash University for an intensive six week fellowship program developed as part of the project. In addition, Managers from the Cabinet Secretariat of the Office of the President of Indonesia will also join the project in late October with a range of industry representatives, certification authorities, service providers and government representatives to discuss further opportunities.

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