Recent PhD completions

Three of our graduate students have been awarded their doctorates recently.

Margaret Carew will graduate today, receiving her degree for a thesis with the title Gun-ngaypa Rrawa ‘My Country': intercultural alliances in language research. This fascinating thesis explores the linguistic, intercultural, methodological and ethical issues which arose in the creation of the book Gun-ngaypa Rrawaa collection of stories from the Gun-nartpa people who live in North-Central Arnhem Land.

Yanying Lu will also graduate today. Her thesis is titled Representations of the self among Chinese immigrants; it explores the negotiation and representation of the self among Chinese first generation immigrants, and considers the role of this self-representation in language socialisation. A revised version will be published as part of Springer's Cultural Linguistics series.

Niru Perera has been awarded her degree for a thesis titled Talking Tamil, Talking Saivism – Language practices in a Tamil Hindu temple in Australia (she will graduate later in the year). This is a wonderful ethnographic study of  the language practices of the Tamil community in Australia, especially the second generation, and of how the maintenance of religious traditions and community language interact. You can read some of Niru's work at her page (link above) and also at Language on the Move.

Congratulations to Dr Carew, Dr Lu and Dr Perera!