The global opportunities with Arts at Monash

Nic Davidson & Sarah Holloway, Founders of Matcha Maiden
Nic Davidson & Sarah Holloway, Founders of Matcha Maiden

Arts/Law (2012) graduate Sarah Holloway co-founded Matcha Maiden, a global e-commerce organic matcha powder supplier, and about a year ago started the physical venue Matcha Mylkbar in Melbourne, soon opening in Sydney. Sarah shares her experience making the most of Monash’s global exchange opportunities with her language studies and how this advantaged her in both her law career and current business.

She says, ‘languages have really propelled my career and personal life. I can’t even describe the tangible benefits. It helps you in everything you do.' She shares tips about the world's ‘blue zones', the benefits of matcha, and on advice for future students:

‘I always say that if you’ve got a remote interest in being global and not just local, travelling, or even mind-opening, then Monash is the best place to be.’

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