Two seminal works on ‘Cultural Linguistics’

Prof. Farzad Sharifian, Chair in Cultural Linguistics, has two ‘forthcoming’ publications. They are ‘Cultural Linguistics’ (Springer, 2017) and ‘Advances in Cultural Linguistics’ (John Benjamins, 2017) (

‘Cultural Linguistics’ (a research monograph) covers the author’s theoretical thoughts, empirical research as well as applications of the Cultural Linguistics frameworks to several areas of inquiry since 2000.

‘Advances in Cultural Linguistics’ (an edited volume) contains a ground-breaking collection representing a broad scope of cutting-edge research in Cultural Linguistics. The materials surveyed in its chapters demonstrate how cultural conceptualisations encoded in language relate to all aspects of human life – from emotion and embodiment to kinship, religion, marriage and politics, even the understanding of life and death.