Managing Multicultural Teams: A Masterclass for Postgraduate students

In the last week of March, three current industry leaders in multicultural organisations accepted our invitation to talk to postgraduate students enrolled in APG5470 - Managing Multicultural Teams.

Cultural diversity and intercultural competence in the workplace are the core topics of this programme, and our guest speakers generously and passionately shared their personal and professional journey in culturally diverse workplaces.

The Masterclass is part of the MIL Industry Initiative which aims to establish bridges between the concepts students explore in the postgraduate space and how they can translate it to the workplace. The MIL Industry Initiative is an ongoing collaboration between the Monash Intercultural Lab and the Arts Alumni team, and is led by Dr Lucas Santos,  Dr Nadine Normand-Marconnet and Dr Marcela Gallardo Lazo. For this inaugural Masterclass, we were joined by:

  • Joanne WarrinMarking & Communications Leader, EY
  • Jonathon Bernard,  Head of Creative and Production, Carlton & United Breweries
  • Wen GuAuwinns International, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

During the discussion, the panellists were invited to answer questions prepared beforehand by students. This Masterclass was an incredible opportunity for students to talk to current industry leaders about challenges and opportunities of diversity in marketing, creative media, and bi-lateral business.

The three panellists reflected on their personal and professional ways in addressing various situations they face in their daily life in multicultural and multilingual environments.

Here are some examples of the invaluable contribution of our guest speakers to the purposes and aims of our unit on Managing Multicultural Teams:

‘I always try to find the right forum to get the best of all my team members’ (Joanne Warrin)

‘A real point of difference is that people in my team view life differently’ (Jonathon Bernard)

‘Get comfortable with being uncomfortable; it’s a strength to be vulnerable’ (Wen Gu)

In the debrief after the session, students were asked what keyword or phrase they would use to describe their experience of the masterclass. In the word cloud below we can see their responses:


The MIL Industry Initiative will continue throughout 2022 as we consider it fundamental to enable postgraduate students to make connections between what they explore in the unit and how this can be translated into the culturally diverse workplaces of the 21st century.

If you would like to partner with us in our MIL Industry Initiative or want to hear more about it, contact us at