Announcing the winners of 2020 Monash Academy of Korean Studies Prizes

Please join us in congratulating the following students who are the winners of the Monash Academy of Korean Studies Prizes for semester one, 2020. These prizes have been awarded to the students who have achieved the highest marks in their final written assignments in five Korean Studies units for semester one, 2020. As part of final assignments, students have undertaken various research projects, from writing a letter, to a poem, to a research project on ‘South Korea’s multiculturalism’.  The winners will each receive a prize of $1,500 and will have the award recorded on their transcripts.

  • ATS1171/2171 Korean Intro 1: Kolthida Mom
  • ATS2160 Language, Culture and Society on the Korean Peninsula: Rou Min Cheong 
  • ATS2173 Korean Intermediate 1: Kyle Han-Menz 
  • ATS3175 Korean Proficient 1: Anna Giang 
  • ATS3805 Korean Studies Advanced: Yejee Lee 


Here is what our prize winners have said about their experience:

Kolthida Mom, the winner of ATS 1171/2171 Korean Introductory 1 wrote her first letter in Korean in her final assignment. In doing so, she chose to write to her favourite Korean singer.

I liked this assignment because it allowed me to show my written skill based on what I have learnt in this semester… I am so delighted to hear that I have won this prize. It gives me a sense of achievement, boosted my confidence, and this prize will always keep me motivated in Learning Korean Language.

Kyle Han Menz, the winner of ATS2173 Korean Intermediate 1 used his written assignment to introduce Melbourne (his favourite city) to a friend living in Seoul. With the prize, Kyle plans to visit Korea on a language exchange or internship programme.

I absolutely love learning Korean, so I plan to use this prize to help fund my ambitions of going to Korea for language exchange or perhaps an internship in the near future.

Anna Giang, the winner of ATS3175 Korean Proficient 1 wrote an 800-word blog post on the topic of stress.

I got to put into practice a lot of the vocabulary and grammar that we learnt in class surrounding this topic, and I got to be creative with the presentation of the writing task…I hope to one day be able to work or live for an extended period of time in Korea, as I really love the language and culture.

Rou Min (Rachel) Cheong, the winner of ATS2160 Language, Culture and Society on the Korean Peninsula prize chose to design and write a research project on the topic of ‘multiculturalism in South Korea and its challenges’.

My assignment focused on multiculturalism in South Korea and explored the challenges of being labelled 'damunhwa' in contemporary South Korean society. I really enjoyed the freedom we had in developing a research paper on our own topic of interest and the opportunity to openly discuss present real-world issues.

Yejee Lee, the winner of ATS3805 Korean Studies Advanced wrote a creative writing piece based on one of the Korean poets that she has studied in class.

I have chosen Na Hye-Seok, a female poet who was a South Korean feminist, poet, and painter, and with reference to her background and her life living as a female in South Korea, I have created my story… I personally enjoyed doing this assignment as I did research on this particular poet I discovered new facts about the particular generation and was able to deeply reflect on what has been and what hasn’t been changed in women’s position in South Korea.

Five additional prizes will be awarded to Korean Studies students, once again, in semester two, 2020.

These prizes are supported by the Core University Program for Korean Studies through the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Korea and Korean Studies Promotion Service of the Academy of Korean Studies (AKS-2017-OLU-2250002).