First English translations of three Romanian poets

Introducing the recently published Cordite Poetry Review chapbook, which brings together for the first time in English translation, poems by Laura Cozma, Ana Dragu and Angi Melania Cristea. Cristina Savin (PhD candidate in Translation Studies) talks about how these three exceptional voices breathe new life into the rich tapestry of contemporary Romanian literature.

“As a reader, I was drawn to the freshness, radiance and delicate flow of Cozma’s verse. I was enthralled by the mystery that surrounds Dragu’s introspective universe and by Cristea’s innovative use of metaphor and the visual energy of her writing. As a translator, the driving force behind my translation of the verse was to listen carefully to the unique voice of each poet. I found it exhilarating to navigate the challenging waters of capturing the complexities in the poems’ imagery, musicality and rhythm, in order to produce a sound English text”.

Accompanied by Viorica Ciucanu’s brilliantly coloured paintings, the poems offer a glimpse into a new dimension of the modern Romanian psyche.


Cristina Savin is a freelance translator based in Melbourne, Australia. She is the French-to-English translator of Marie Lion and Marcel Gauchet. Her translations from Romanian have been published in Cordite Poetry Review, Poetry in Process, The AALITRA Review and Bordertown. Cristina is an assistant editor at The AALITRA Review and is currently undertaking a PhD in Translation Studies at Monash University.