Crosshatching Prato

We are delighted to welcome Dr Matteo Dutto to Prato, a Postdoctoral Fellowship.

Matteo's postdoctoral fellowship is supported by the School of Languages, Literatures, Cultures and Linguistics in the Faculty of Arts at Monash University.

For the next two years, Dr Dutto will be working on the Crosshatching Prato collaborative media project. Treating the urban space of Prato as a digital fabric, the project aims to show how migrant youths live, interact and move across the city of Prato, highlighting nodes of interaction and visualising how particular social spaces are negotiated through a non-linear interactive documentary.

Dr Dutto

Local students of migrant background will be invited to participate in story-telling workshops to discuss how they interact with the urban fabric of the city. In this first phase they will identify spaces that resonate with their own sense of belonging and identity, tracking them on a map, assigning them to different themes and categories (home, travel, friends, food, sport) and then drawing routes that connect them. In the second phase, workshop facilitators will work alongside participants to discover the history of those areas, unravelling historical threads and connecting them with their individual life stories.

The third phase of the project will introduce the participants to different media forms so that they can generate and produce their own stories. Dr Dutto explains “We will train participants in the use of audio, photo and video recording and editing software. We will then move out into the city to transform each story-node into short five-minute videos, podcasts or photographs”. Each story-node will then be uploaded on a geographic information system.

The final product will be an interconnected, non-linear interactive documentary consisting of multiple story-nodes that users can experience either by following the individual stories of participants or by visualising sites of interactions and specific themes on the digital map.

Crosshatching Prato is part of a larger overarching Monash initiative being led by Dr Francesco Ricatti and Professor Rita Wilson which aims to digitally re-map Prato. The digital re-mapping will include quantitative and qualitative geolocalised information which will be collected through a multidisciplinary method based on ethnography, linguistics, media analysis, translation studies, transcultural studies, and digital participatory action research.

“We are thrilled to have Dr Dutto join this innovative research project. While he will be based in Prato, he will also spend time in Melbourne, developing a close collaboration with other scholars working in Italian Studies, the Monash Intercultural Lab and the Monash Migration and Inclusion Centre”, said Professor Wilson.

Awarded a PhD by Monash University in 2017, Dr Dutto’s current research explores how cultural producers collaborate with Indigenous, migrant and multiethnic communities to produce transmedia and transcultural counter-narratives of belonging and identity. His work has been published in Studies in Documentary Film and Fulgor and he recently collaborated on the production of the Australian Indigenous Film and Television online knowledge-sharing platform. His first monograph Legacies of Indigenous Resistance will be published by Peter Lang Oxford this year.