Interpreting and Law students team up to take part in mock trials for inter-professional education

translation studentsstudents in mock court

On 24 May, MITS (Master in Interpreting and Translation Studies) and LLB (Bachelor of Laws) students participated in two mock trials that enabled students from both disciplines to experience working with the other in a safe and simulated environment.

The Faculty of Law’s purpose-built Moot Court provided a realistic setting for this activity which was as enjoyable as it was educational. The mock trials were designed and co-ordinated by Dr Jim Hlavac from Translation and Interpreting Studies, LLCL and Assoc. Prof. Rachel Spencer from the Faculty of Law with LLB students taking on the roles of judge, judge’s associate, prosecution and defence counsel, and MITS students taking on the roles of prosecution and defence witnesses speaking a language other English, jury members and interpreters.

Lawyers commonly work with interpreters in lawyer-client pre-trial and post-trial meetings as well as in court. Interpreters commonly work with the police, and with lawyers in legal settings, in court and in remand/prison settings.

The mock trials are part of a program of inter-professional education in which students from different disciplines work together in replicated situations. Inter-professional education provides the opportunity for students to not only enact roles that they will have as future lawyers and interpreters, but to examine their own practice and change in knowledge base through structured self- and group-reflection.