Congratulations to former and current Korean Studies students

Congratulations to our former and current students in Korean Studies for receiving certificates of recognition from Lee Ho-Young, the President of Changwon National University, on Thursday, 31 August 2023. Nine students worked on two translation projects for the Changwon National Museum.

관부재판과 끝나지 않은 HERSTORY:

·       Lauren O'Loughlin (Project lead)

·       Catherine Xu

·       Grace Burke

·       Joshua Beltran

Untold Story, Inscribed Memory (Stories about Korean Immigration to Hawaii):

·       Lauren O'Loughlin (Project lead)

·       Anthony Kourakis

·       Gabrielle Ashley Lumenta

·       Giang Dam

·       Inha Hwang

·       Ridmi Perera

These translation projects were led by Lauren O’Loughlin, a former student of Monash Korean Studies who is currently completing her Master's in Translation and Interpreting Studies.

Monash University Korean Studies also thanks Professor Kyounghee Moon at Changwon National University for the opportunity to work on these projects.

Monash Korean Studies has strived to welcome any opportunity to transfer our students’ linguistic and communication skills into the real world. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to develop this type of collaboration.