The award for the ‘Best New Paper’ and ‘Best Interdisciplinary Project’ at Monash’s SPS Graduate Research Symposium: Hyein (Ellen) Cho


Congratulations to Hyein (Ellen) Cho, who was awarded both ‘Best New Paper’ and ‘Best Interdisciplinary Project’ at the 22nd Annual Monash's Social and Political Sciences Graduate Research Symposium on 26–27 October 2021. She was also a runner up for the Best Abstract award.

Hyein presented on her cross-industry collaboration project, which based on her PhD thesis. She is currently transforming the narrative of a Korean-Australian victim-survivor into a three-part video series.

Hyein is a recipient of a Monash-Academy of Korean Studies PhD Scholarship. She commenced her PhD with Monash in July 2018, after completing her Bachelor of Arts at Deakin with a triple major in International Relations, History and Middle East Studies, followed by a Master’s in International Relations, also at Deakin.