Spanish and Latin American studies

The aim of Spanish and Latin American studies is to develop your awareness and understanding of Spanish and Latin American societies and cultures. A crucial aspect of this is the ability to speak and understand the language. In learning Spanish at Monash you will join over 400 million speakers across twenty-three countries around the world.

Teaching Program

Monash has one of the largest Spanish and Latin American studies programs in Australia. We cater for all levels of language learners, from complete beginners to native speakers. Our teaching program is unique. Complementing your language studies, from first year you learn about events and influences that have shaped the diversity of the Spanish-speaking world.

As you progress through your studies you will develop the ability to discuss a range of contemporary issues relevant to your life and to society in general. We use music, film, popular media and literature to assist you to improve your language skills and to gain a deep understanding of Spanish and Latin American cultures and societies. Through the Monash Study Abroad program, many of our students spend six to twelve months living and studying in a Spanish-speaking country.

Monash is the only Australian university that teaches the linguistic and cultural diversity of Spain and Latin America through Catalan and Brazilian studies.


Undergraduate studies

Master's by coursework

Graduate Research

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Spanish and Latin American studies staff, honours and postgraduate students are involved in innovative research in the following fields:

  • Crime fiction from Spain and Latin America
  • Literature and identity in Catalonia
  • Cultural and intellectual flows between Spain and Latin America
  • The Cuban Revolution
  • Transitions to democracy and historical memory in Spain and Latin America


Our academics in Spanish and Latin American studies enjoy strong national and international profiles and pursue global interests. View all staff.

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