Winter Online Japanese Course at Osaka University

Credit points 6 credit points
LocationOsaka University
CoordinatorDr Satoshi Nambu
Overseas dates 1 -19 February 2021

Program details

Winter Online Japanese Course at Osaka University, previously J-ShIP (Japan Short-stay In-sessional Program), is a Japanese language-focused program run by Osaka University and attended by students from around the world. The program includes intensive Japanese language classes, cultural activities, and interaction with local students.

Credit at Monash

Approved participants will enrol in ASA2001/3001 Arts Study Abroad (6 points). Please note that this unit cannot be used as a substitute for core language units or cornerstone or capstone units required for the Japanese Studies major.

  • Eligibility to receive credit will depend on the requirements of your course. We will complete a course progression check on your behalf after applications close, to ensure that this program fits in your degree.
  • Credit will be finalised after Osaka University has confirmed successful completion of the program (usually mid-March)
  • No numerical grade will be awarded. The grade upon successful completion will be SFR (Satisfied Faculty Requirements).


Program Dates

1-19 February 2021


To apply for this program, you must be:

  • Full-time Monash student
  • Enrolled in Japanese Intermediate 1 and 2 in the year that you are applying
  • Planning to do a major or minor in Japanese
  • WAM of 60.00 or over (70.00 is recommended)


Program Fee: 70,000 yen, payable to Osaka University, email instructions sent when students are accepted. This fee includes:

  • Tuition and registration fee at Osaka University,
  • Access ID for Osaka University Academic Network System
  • Access to the Osaka University Library use

Optional Free Talk Sessions with Osaka University students

The optional conversation sessions with Osaka University students will be scheduled three times per week in the 2nd and 3rd week for you to immerse yourself in the Japanese speaking environment. In order to join these sessions, you separately need to reserve your seat in advance. More information will be announced with a notification of acceptance.

How to apply

To apply for the program, you will need the link to the Monash Abroad Portal. This will be provided to eligible students in class.

You’ll be asked to complete a course progression check and take a Japanese proficiency test, applicants should take Level 300 of the test. Be certain to record your score.

Osaka University’s Japanese proficiency level check test

*The proficiency test is simply for Osaka University to determine your current proficiency in Japanese. To view the Japanese characters on the test screens, you may need to change the encoding on your web browser to ‘Japanese (EUC-JP)’.

If you have any questions about the application process please email

After applying

  1. Japanese Studies completes an internal screening and selection process to determine which applications should move forward. If you are UNSUCCESSFUL at the internal review stage, you will be notified by email.
  2. Japanese Studies forwards these recommendations to Osaka University. Osaka University makes a final selection and informs Japanese Studies of the results in early November and sends Japanese Studies the approval letters.
  3. Approval by Faculty of Arts / Monash Abroad
  4. You will receive confirmation that you are approved and enrolled in the Faculty of Arts Study Abroad Unit (ASA2001 or ASA3001).
  5. At this stage you will also be required to pay your program fee directly to Osaka

After program completion

  1. Once the students have completed the program, Osaka University sends Japanese Studies the transcripts.
  2. Japanese Studies passes these transcripts along to the Arts Faculty for processing.
  3. Japanese Studies provide proof to Osaka University that the J-ShIP credits have been applied.


  • Questions about the program, application process and receiving credit at Monash: Please contact Dr Satoshi Nambu – (