Joseph – how to ‘take’ a coffee like a local

Joseph Xuereb has recently come back from Prato, spending two months taking intensive units in Italian language. We asked him to describe his impressions of his time in Italy:

“Shortly before I left Italy, my Neopolitan uncle said to me. ‘The vulgarity of words cannot describe this country’. I was left bewildered. But time has passed, and I have understood.

I participated in Intermediate Italian 1 and 2 in Prato for 2 months, more or less. I learnt invaluable lessons such as how to navigate foreign public transport, how to ‘take’/order a coffee like a local, distinguish between sparkling and mineral water, appreciate fine wines and live the Italian way of life.

This understanding was brought about by the learning opportunities in Prato including our language and cultural studies, extracurricular activities including weekly conversation classes and venturing out to dinner with local Pratese.

Admittedly, I have tried. But the vulgarity of words cannot describe Italy. It must be experienced.”