Communicate across differences

Literary Studies

Italian transformations: Reading and writing self-discovery

This unit will explore a selection of fiction and non-fiction texts that treat Italy as a site for transformations of the self. These self-discoveries are usually cast as positive but are on occasion of a more unsettling or disturbing kind. The unit will investigate these transformations.

Inscribing Italy: Travels and imaginings

This unit maps the roots and routes of English-language travel in Italy, from the aristocratic travel of the English Renaissance, to the Grand Tourists of the twentieth century, to the rise of middle-class tourism and the travel genre in the nineteenth century, to the mass tourism and cyber travel of today.

Intercultural communication

Global connections: Understanding cultural literacy

This unit looks at the development and role of cultural literacy in confronting issues such as the mixing of formerly distinct cultures through increased mobility, migration and the internationalization of technology; economic shifts, global environmental threats and the fluid nature of political, social and religious conflict.

Cultural intelligence: Building competencies for global leadership

Introducing students to Cultural Intelligence, this unit will provide critical tools for intercultural management, a key competency for studying and working in transnational environments. The unit aims to equip students with intercultural skills which will enable them to effectively engage in global networks.

Forms of identity

This unit aims to encourage students to investigate in detail the means by which identities are formed, changed, or imposed, and to understand notions such as the nature of individual identity broadly, national identity, bodily identity, gender identity, racial identity, and spiritual identity. The unit is an interdisciplinary unit co-taught with Warwick University.