Rachel – improve your language, experience Italian culture

Rachel Kamath (Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Arts) studied two intensive units in between semesters 1 and 2 as part of her Arts degree: Intensive introductory Italian 1; Imaging Australia and Italy on Film.

What made you decide to study at Monash Prato?
I wanted to go overseas and study so Prato was the perfect opportunity, because it was during the winter and I wanted to try something different and challenge myself.

What do you love about studying at Prato?

I like that Prato is a very nice small town so it’s very cultural, it’s very Italian, not so many tourists, you can really experience the Italian culture.

Life in Prato is fun, it’s tranquil during the day, but you can have a lot of fun during the night, there are places you can visit with your friends, meet local people.

In particular, because I was doing Italian 1 during the first two weeks, I enjoyed the conversation exchange which happened every week, such a great opportunity to meet up with locals and to try to learn Italian and speak with them.

What would you say to anyone thinking about coming to Monash Prato, what should they expect?
I would tell them to definitely come to Monash Prato, it’s an amazing experience, you meet new people, you make new friends, and get you know a lot about yourself as well … so if you can – definitely try out Monash Prato!