• Communalytic is a research tool which can be used to study online communities and online discourse, sourcing data from Twitter, Reddit and CrowdTangle (Facebook/Instagram). It does so by accessing various APIs.
  • There are no accessibility requirements for Communalytic because it is accessed via a web browser.
  • Communalytic requires no prerequisite knowledge to operate and is intuitive and user friendly.
  • Communalytic has both free and paid versions, the latter has some additional features and higher caps on data collection.
  • Communalytic can be used to collect publicly available data, extract and visualise emojis, keywords and engagements. It can also be used to analyse text and patterns of relations, which can be done to identify influencers, detect toxic and anti-social interactions, map shared interests and the spread of misinformation. This analysis can be visualised as who-replies-to-whom signed communication networks or two-mode semantic networks.
  • Communalytic is currently functional.
  • Link: