• SocioViz is a tool that can be used to collect and analyse data from Twitter. It does so by accessing the Twitter API.
  • There are no accessibility requirements for SocioViz because it is accessed via a web browser.
  • SocioViz requires no prerequisite knowledge to operate and is intuitive and user friendly.
  • SocioViz is a free resource and can be used to search Twitter by keyword, hashtag, emoji, user mention and can be filtered by date, location or language. It can be used to scrape historical data or collect posts in real-time. SocioViz can be used to identify conversation peaks and most frequently used hashtags, words, emojis, as well as most active and influential users. It can also perform social network analysis, which can be used to identify the most relevant actors and content in online conversation.
  • SocioViz is currently functional.
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