MFJ equipment loans

Access to Equipment and Training Requirements

If you are a Media, Film and Journalism student requesting access to portable loan equipment, please refer to your unit’s Moodle site for information about the equipment you are permitted to borrow.

Access to equipment is negotiated with your lecturers based on what you require to complete your coursework and the capacity of the equipment required for each course and level. Equipment is only for use by certain units for specific requirements.

You will need to be trained in how to use equipment before you are allowed to borrow. Training is organised by your unit’s coordinator and is not provided on a one to one basis. It is vital that you attend sessions arranged for you, as you will not be granted access to equipment if you are not trained.

You must agree to the booking conditions set out in the Equipment Loan or Provision Agreement (see below) before you are allowed to borrow.

Making Bookings Online

Bookings are made via a system called “SiSo” that can be accessed by Monash students enrolled in relevant units. When you log into SiSo you will see the equipment that is available to the units that you are enrolled in.

Click here to login to the booking system: MFJ Resources Bookings System – (SiSo)

Instructions for using SiSo to make bookings can be found here: MFJ SiSo User Guide

Loan Durations

The standard maximum loan period for equipment is four days, calculated as 96 hours (including weekends). The collection and return times must also be within Monash Connect’s opening hours.

For example, a loan beginning at 9:30am on Thursday will be due back by 9:30am on the following Monday. However, a loan beginning at 9:30am on Wednesday will be due back by 5pm on Friday, because the end of the maximum loan duration (9:30am on Sunday) falls outside of the Monash Connect opening hours. The SiSo loans system will prevent you from making bookings that fall outside of these rules.

You don’t have to book an item for the maximum duration. You can make a booking of one day or a few hours if that better suits your schedule. Making shorter bookings helps your fellow students by increasing equipment availability.

Also note that you don’t have to return the item at the specific time it is due back. The return time is not a fixed appointment. You may return it at any time before the due date when Monash Connect is open.

Collecting and Returning Equipment

Once your booking has been confirmed, equipment can then be collected from Monash Connect Caulfield, located at Level 1 Building B, Caulfield campus. Select a “Loan Equipment” ticket from the kiosk and show your student card to loans desk staff.  See opening hours below.

Please be aware of Monash Connect’s closing times, as you need to allow enough time for them to process your loan, and there may be delays at busy times of the year. So, if you have to return equipment by 5pm, you should arrive at Monash Connect by 4:30pm.

If you do not collect the equipment within three hours of the booking time, your booking will be automatically cancelled, and you will have to make a new booking.

When collecting equipment, you must thoroughly check all equipment for missing or damaged items. When returning equipment, you must inform staff of any items that have been damaged or lost. Monash Connect Caulfield Opening Hours

Monash Connect Opening Hours

Monday 9:00 to 17:00

Tuesday 9:00 to 17:00

Wednesday 9:00 to 17:00

Thursday 9:00 to 17:00

Friday 9:00 to 17:00

Saturday CLOSED


Booking Allowances

You may book a piece of equipment for two periods of up to four days, within any 14 day period. You will not be able to make any more than two bookings for the same type of equipment during any given 14 day period. These bookings may be contiguous (back-to-back), or they may be two separate periods of time, where you return the equipment in-between. In the case of back-to-back bookings, email prior to the end of your first loan period to notify them that you will be keeping the same equipment for the second loan period.

This booking restriction only applies to items of the same type. For example, if you book a video camera twice during a 14 day period, you will not be able to borrow a video camera again until the 14 day period expires. However, you will be able to book an audio recorder if you have not used up your booking allowance for audio recorders.

The 14 day period begins at the time your second booking finishes. For example, if your second loan is due to be returned on Tuesday 1 at 12:00pm, the next available booking would not be until 336 hours (or 2 weeks) later i.e. Tuesday 15 at 12:00pm.

Peak Loan Periods

During busy times of high demand during semester, the above standard loan periods and allowances may be reduced to ensure enough equipment is available. Check the SiSo “Welcome” page for announcements of loan restrictions.

Loan Renewals

You may renew your loan for up to 24 hours using the “My Bookings” tab in SiSo. Renewals are only available under the following conditions:

  • It is 12 hours or less before the item is due to be returned
  • The item is not overdue
  • Sufficient equipment is available
  • The equipment has not been booked by another student
  • You may only renew an item once
  • The maximum renewal period is 24 hours

You should not expect a renewal to be available automatically. If you cannot renew a loan, you are expected to return it on time. Late returns may result in you being suspended from equipment loans and/or other penalties.

Loan Extensions

You must obtain written approval from your lecturer/tutor for a loan extension.

You are expected to manage your time and allow for your travel time to ensure that you return the equipment on time. Failure to do so may incur a penalty. Contact your lecturer as soon as possible if you need a loan extension.

How to Contact Us

Please let us know if you have any questions about technical equipment, technical training or how to use the resource booking systems. We need to be informed as soon as possible if you are experiencing problems, so please contact one of our technical staff for assistance.

For Equipment/Facilities Bookings and SiSo Enquires please send an email to:

For Monash Connect enquiries, see their website:

Booking Conditions

  • All equipment bookings must be made online in advance.
  • You MUST show your student card on equipment collection.
  • Equipment can only be borrowed for the durations allowed by the online booking system (SiSo)
  • Equipment that is not collected within three hours of your booking start time may be allocated to another student.
  • Please ensure that if you do not require the equipment for any reason, to cancel your booking.
  • Any student found to be misusing either the booking system (e.g. late return of items) or the equipment may be banned from future use at the discretion of the Manager(s) of the Faculty.


The Monash University Faculty of Arts makes available to students the loan of equipment and other goods and the temporary provision of audio/visual equipment (altogether referred to as “the equipment”) on the terms and conditions set out in this agreement. I, the undersigned, agree to borrow the equipment described below on the following conditions:

  • I have inspected the equipment and agree that it is in good working order;
  • I accept full responsibility for the condition, care and custody of the equipment while it is borrowed by me and until it is returned to the University;
  • I understand the method of operation of the equipment or I have sought and received instructions on it;
  • I understand that I may only use the equipment for my coursework at Monash University;
  • I will not permit the equipment to be used by a third party;
  • I accept full responsibility for the transport of the equipment to and from the University, and I will reimburse the University for the cost it incurs to transport the equipment should I fail to fulfil this obligation;
  • I will return the equipment (including all accessories) in the same condition as it was when I borrowed it, subject to reasonable wear and tear;
  • I will return the equipment on or before the return date specified below, or any extended return date confirmed in writing by the University;
  • If I do not return the equipment by the return date/time set by the University, I understand that conditions and/or restrictions on my future borrowing of equipment may be imposed;
  • I understand that the University may require the equipment returned prior to the return date, and I agree to return it upon receipt of instruction from the University to do so;
  • If the period of loan extends beyond one week, upon request I agree to make the equipment available to a member of University staff to check that I retain the equipment and that it is in good working order;
  • I will advise the person in charge of the equipment loans immediately if/when I become aware of any damage to or loss of the equipment or any part of it;
  • I agree I must pay for the cost to repair any damage to the equipment or the cost to replace damaged equipment where replacement is assessed by the University as necessary in the circumstances, irrespective of the cause of the damage;
  • I understand that under the Monash University (Vice-Chancellor) Regulations if I fail to pay any fee due under this agreement within 30 working days of a demand for payment by the University, my enrolment may be cancelled.