Internships and opportunities

Image shows a theatre of people at a Monash Film and Screen Studies for their internships and other opportunities. The camera is looking down on rows of theatre seating with people seated and at a large projection screen of an underwater fish scene.

Film and Screen Studies internships

Internship units are offered to Film and Screen Studies students through the Monash Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program and can earn credit points towards your degree. Students intern at various screen and cultural institutions including Senses of Cinema journal and AACTA, the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards. These internships are an excellent way to build a skills portfolio, make contacts in the industry and find out what it’s like to work in screen-related fields.

International opportunities

Film and Screen Studies has many formal and informal alliances with peer institutions across the developed and developing world. There are opportunities for student exchanges and internships, for international scholarships and study trips. These include an Arts semester at the Monash Prato Centre, Italy where Film and Screen Studies offers the unit Screening Contemporary Europe (ATS2295/ATS3295) and a partnership with the University of Warwick, which enabled Michael Kho Lim to undertake a joint PhD and international residency.

Students wishing to explore opportunities abroad are supported and encouraged.

Learn more about student exchange and other study abroad opportunities, including short term programs, for both undergraduate and postgraduate students,

Industry and community partnerships

Film and Screen Studies is actively involved with local and international screen culture communities. Current and past partnerships with screen organisations and events include:

Student prizes

There are opportunities for Monash Film and Screen Studies students to gain recognition for exceptional work in creative and scholarly areas. Prizes are awarded annually, for undergraduate student media work and academic achievement and the Julia Peluso Memorial Prize is awarded to a woman postgraduate student demonstrating exceptional application to her studies and balancing a professional career, as determined by a selection committee.

Isabella Mahoney

Isabella Mahoney

2020 recipient of the Julia Peluso Memorial Prize

Isabella Mahoney was the 2020 recipient of the Julia Peluso Memorial Prize. Isabella’s work investigates the historical representation of women’s voices in film, from early silent cinema to experimental feminist documentary of the late 1970s.

“I truly appreciate being recognised for my work throughout the past year, in which I completed my mid-candidature milestone and balanced PhD research with tutoring in Film Studies and English and volunteering as a Student Representative .I will utilise the funds to attend a Film and Media Studies conference in Europe, where I will present on my PhD research. This prize brings me a step closer to achieving my academic goals within the university community and beyond.” Isabella Mahoney

Photo of Monash Film and Screen Studies student and 2019 recipient of the Julia Peluso Memorial Prize: Samaya Borom. The image shows a woman from shoulders upwards looking directly at the camera with a slight smile and wearing dark-rimmed glasses.

Samaya Borom

2019 recipient of the Julia Peluso Memorial Prize

Samaya Borom was the 2019 recipient of the Julia Peluso Memorial Prize. Samaya’s work focuses on representations of terrorism and how this may normalise contraventions of international law and human rights.

“It was an honour to receive the Julia Peluso prize in recognition of the challenges of balancing a professional working life, young family and undertaking higher degree research. In addition, the support and encouragement of my supervisor was instrumental in meeting the challenges that the Julia Peluso prize recognises. I’m very humbled to have been awarded this prize!” Samaya Borom