Student Journalism and Publishing

It is important for students to strive to publish their work. The award-winning university-run publishing platform Mojo News makes the students’ journalism available to the public. All work is supervised by experienced journalists on staff and Mojo News consistently produces journalism at industry standards. Mojo News stories from Monash students have been published or picked up by numerous media outlets including The Sunday AgeCrikeyNew Matilda, VICE Magazine and many others.

Students run newsroom editorial meetings, pitch ideas and write stories, helping to build a portfolio and gain experience in a structured and supportive setting.

In addition, our Journalism program produces The Struggle, the student driven news satire program, which is televised by Channel 31.  Lisbeth Gorr (internationally-award winning journalist, writer and producer) has now joined Monash's Media, Film and Journalism as a creative consultant for The Struggle.

Journalism at Monash is taught and practised in strict accordance with the MEAA Journalist Code of Ethics, a basis that helps us mentor students to be ready for publication in mainstream media. Our graduates have worked in key editorial positions worldwide, including News Corp, Fairfax, Nine, ABC, London newspapers and The South China Morning Post in Hong Kong.

Student work on Mojo News