Monash Journalism alumnus Peter Bateman is standing on stage wearing a white long sleeved shirt. He is looking out to an audience while giving a presentation. He has short brown hair and is captured mid-sentence.’

Peter Bateman

United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Asia-Pacific Communication and multimedia production specialist

“The Monash journalism program's greatest asset is the people. The students and staff have built a community around creating the best journalists possible. I'm still in frequent contact with many of my former lecturers and classmates, many of whom are award-winning journalists, and all of whom are more than willing to help and push each other to achieve success in the industry. It's not difficult to find a Monash graduate in major newsrooms or respected international organisations all around the world.”

 ‘Monash Journalism alumnus Phillippa Butt has long blonde hair and a fringe. She is wearing a white and blue sleeveless dress and glasses. She is standing toward the camera at a slight angle and smiling. Behind her is a plain white background.

Phillippa Butt

Sunday Territorian Editor at the NT News

“I studied a Bachelor of Journalism at Monash University and found the course and the lecturers provided everything I could need for a career in the industry. Through my degree and with the support of my teachers, I had the opportunity to intern at a number of organisations across different mediums, which ultimately resulted in a job in the Herald Sun newsroom while I was still studying at Monash.

“Now living and working in Darwin, I'm always happy to offer internship placements to Monash University students who come armed with a strong knowledge base and are prepared to cover anything and everything we throw at them.”

Monash Journalism alumnus Black and white image of Will Duncan visible from the chest up. He has short light-coloured hair and is wearing a suit jacket and open-button white shirt. He is facing the camera with a serious expression.’

Will Duncan

UNESCO consultant, Paris, France

“Studying journalism at Monash University sharpened my writing and broadened my understanding of the media landscape and current affairs. Adding journalism as a double-major boosted my arts degree with practical skills that are valued in all kinds of careers.”

‘Monash Journalism alumnus Will Hogan is standing outside wearing a light blue shirt with long sleeves. He has short brown hair and is standing on a slight angle towards the camera with his hands clasped together in front of him, and smiling.’

Will Hogan

AFL Chief of Staff for Herald Sun/National Sports Newsroom, News Corp

"Monash University's journalism faculty gave me the necessary skills and insights needed to forge a career within the industry. In a time where consumer habits are ever-changing, I felt the various subjects and units were preparing me to enter a world of new-age journalism with an understanding of what's required in newsrooms across all mediums in the 21st century.

"The course provided me with the opportunity to equip myself with skills in digital, TV, radio and print platforms that has provided the grounding for me as I begin my career. Above all I learnt the importance of building contacts and reaching out to those in the

Monash Journalism alumnus Jade Gailberger is visible from the waist up. She has short brown hair and is wearing a navy blue sleeveless dress. She is standing on a slight angle towards the camera, with a slight smile. Behind her is a plain white background.’

Jade Gailberger

Herald Sun Federal Political Editor

“Monash's journalism course equips students with cutting-edge skills that are often ahead of industry and at the forefront of digital storytelling. Students have access to experiences and experts which enables them to build contacts and thrive in an extremely competitive industry.”

Monash Journalism alumnus Anthony Galloway is visible from the chest up. He has short brown hair and is wearing a suit jacket with a light blue shirt and red tie. He is smiling at the camera.’

Anthony Galloway

The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age Foreign affairs and national security correspondent

“After graduating from Monash University with a Bachelor of Journalism in 2011, I had the necessary education to begin my career as a journalist. Along with teaching students the practical side of journalism, the degree also provides the necessary theoretical framework that is needed. The wide availability of subjects - from sports journalism to foreign affairs reporting - also gives students the early opportunity to begin thinking about where they want to specialise in their career.”

Monash Journalism alumnus Michelle Griffin is visible from the chest up. She has short red hair and is wearing a navy blue top and glasses. Her head is slightly tilted as she looks forward to the camera.’

Michelle Griffin

World editor, The Age and Sydney Morning Herald

“Monash journalism students that we've worked with have been enthusiastic, smart and engaged. Their copy is clean, they chase leads and often bring their own stories. We've always appreciated their contribution in our newsroom.”

‘Monash Journalism alumnus Chester Ngan is seated at a news anchor desk wearing a suit with a white shirt and red tie. He is looking forward to the camera. Behind him are multiple television screens.’

Chester Ngan

7NEWS Melbourne Weekend Chief of Staff

“The journalism course at Monash University has provided me with fundamental skills that have helped kickstart my career in the journalism industry. The course gave me a range of opportunities to practice journalism – from hands-on classes taught by experienced teachers, to internships at major metropolitan newsrooms, and a student publication guided by tutors who work in the industry. Students also have access to incredible facilities, including TV and radio studios, where they can build their portfolio and gain as much

‘Monash Journalism alumnus Andrew Rule has short grey hair and is wearing a grey long sleeved shirt. He is standing facing the camera, visible from the chest up. He has a serious expression. Behind him is a plain white background.’

Andrew Rule

Associate Editor, Herald Sun and Monash Arts graduate

“Monash journalism graduates excel at News Corp: from Ashley Argoon and Monique Hore in the news room and Sam Landsberger, Lauren Wood and Will Hogan in sport. Whatever it is you're doing at Monash, keep it up.”

Monash Journalism alumnus Amber Schultz has blonde hair tied up in a bun and is wearing a red dress. In her hands in front of her she is holding an award. Behind her is a promotional backdrop that says Walkey Foundation.’

Amber Schultz

Crikey Associate editor and investigative journalist

“Monash University gave me the contacts, skills and freedom to thrive in the industry. With access to their filming studio, I was able to explore different mediums of journalism, shooting and editing film any time of the day or night at my own pace. Internships at major publications taught me the hands-on skills I needed in a print newsroom, while the tutors were accessible, open and honest with their feedback, helping me get a foot in the door to kickstart my career.”

‘Monash Journalism alumnus Annika Smethurst has medium length brown hair and is wearing a sparkly black dress and red lipstick. In her hands in front of her she is holding an award. Behind her is a promotional backdrop that says Walkey Foundation.’

Annika Smethurst

State Political Editor at The Age

“I studied a BA (journalism) at Monash University and found the course gave me all the fundamental skills I needed to start a career in the media. Often the industry is critical of journalism courses over concerns that universities may not teach the practical skills needed in the newsroom.

But the journalism course at Monash University provides students with a strong academic base and the workplace skills that editors want. I studied a diverse range of subjects including media law, feature writing, TV, radio and sports writing. My lecturers had industry experience and provided support and encouragement to help me get a job in the industry. Monash courses also offer an international perspective allowing me to major in international studies and study overseas.”

Monash Journalism alumnus Sophie Welsh is pictured from the chest up. She has medium length blonde hair and is wearing a grey t-shirt. She is standing facing the camera smiling. Behind her, the outside background is out of focus.’

Sophie Welsh

AFL.com.au digital news producer

“A Monash journalism degree not only equipped me with the skills I needed to survive and thrive in a modern newsroom, but enabled me to get real-world experience in the industry. No matter how fast the industry evolves, Monash’s journalism program keeps in step, ensuring its students are well-skilled and job-ready. Without Monash’s internship program, I may never have even set foot in a newsroom, let alone have the opportunity to carve out a career in such a competitive industry.”

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