Journalism & Media Innovation

Monash Journalism students practice autocue in the Monash Media Lab at Caulfield. The image shows a man and a woman from waist up leaning on a desk. They’re both wearing suits and smiling at the camera with a purple background.

Monash Journalism plays a leading role in training the journalists and communicators of tomorrow.

As one of the most dynamic journalism programs in Australia, our key strength lies in teaching a blend of real-world journalism practice and the study of journalism, fostering a culture of deep inquiry. With this approach, we aim to equip students to tell stories that move the world.

We are well aware that journalism and the communication industries need you as part of its future. Journalism needs you for your capacity to think critically and to scrutinise the evidence. To investigate the structural problems that permeate our society, as well as the solutions. Journalism needs your empathy. Your open mind. Your understanding of the need to uphold a free press in the service of democracy. And your desire to make a difference in the world.

Above all, journalism needs you for your passion to tell great stories – not just the ones the public wants to hear, but what the public needs to know.

What stories will you tell, during your studies at Monash Journalism and beyond? We can’t wait to find out.

Teaching program and courses

Study an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in journalism at Monash, and be guided by industry-leading academics.


Student Journalism and Publishing

It is important for students to strive to publish their work.

The award-winning university-run publishing platform Mojo News makes the students' journalism available to the public.

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