Research pathway

All four masters in the School of Media, Film and Journalism include a Research Pathway option which can lead to potential PhD study. Masters student stands smiling and talking to another person. She is wearing a khaki green jacket with fur collar and a head scarf.

Explore your academic ambitions

To keep your options open for potential PhD study in the future, all School of Media, Film and Journalism Master’s programs include the option to complete research training and a scholarly thesis, also known as a Research Pathway.

Undertaking the Research Pathway means you will be completing the minimum requirements to be eligible to apply for Higher Degree Research, should you choose to pursue a PhD at a later time after completion of your Master’s degree.

The Research Pathway can be undertaken instead of a capstone subject, and requires the completion of a 15-18,000-word thesis written under the supervision of an academic in the school. It consists of units APG5084 Designing research and APG5849/APG5850 Research thesis parts A and B.

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