Publications, Media Commentary, and Engagement

The publications and media commentary connected to this research program and the period of the Fellowship are listed below. Wherever possible, links are provided in order that they can be easily accessed.

Scholarly Publications

B. Hutchins (2019) Mobile Media Sport: The Case for Building a Mobile Media and Communications Research Agenda”, Communication & Sport, 7 (4): 466-87.

B. Hutchins (2018) “‘Crossing the Technical Rubicon’: Marketising Culture and Fields of the Digital’, in D. Rowe, G. Turner & E. Waterton (eds.) Making Culture: Commercialisation, Transnationalism, and the State of ‘Nationing’ in Contemporary Australia, New York: Routledge, 103-15.

B. Hutchins (monograph under contract) Mobile Media and Sport: Content, Technology and Markets on the Move. New York: Oxford University Press.

B. Hutchins & J. Sanderson (2017) “The Primacy of Sports Television: Olympic Media, Social Networking Services and Multi-Screen Viewing during the Rio 2016 Games“, Media International Australia, No. 164: 32-43.

B. Hutchins & R. Boyle (2017) “A Community of Practice: Sport Journalism, Mobile Media and Institutional Change”, Digital Journalism, 5 (5): 496-512.

S.W. Dittmore & B. Hutchins (2017) “Privilege Over Innovation: Sports Broadcasting, Mobile Television and the Case of Aereo”, Journal of Legal Aspects of Sport, 27(1): 3-18.

G. Goggin & B. Hutchins (2017) “Media and the Paralympics: Progress, Visibility and Paradox”, in S. Darcy, S. Frawley & D. Adair (eds.) Managing the Paralympics, Basingstoke, Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan, 215-38.

B. Hutchins & D. Rowe (2017) “The Tyranny of Perpetual Innovation: Global Mobile Media, Digital Communications and Television”, in N. Schulenkorf & S. Frawley (eds.) Critical Issues in Global Sport Management, London: Routledge, 238-51.

R. van Krieken, D. Habibis, P. Smith, B. Hutchins, G. Martin & K. Maton (2017) Sociology, 6th edition (fully revised and updated), Melbourne: Pearson Australia. (Author of content on media, communications, digital technologies, mobilities and mobile media.)

B. Hutchins (2016) ‘“We Don’t Need No Stinking Smartphones!” Live Stadium Sports Events, Mediatization and the Non-Use of Mobile Media’, Media, Culture & Society, 38 (3): 420-36.

B. Hutchins (2016) “Tales of the Digital Sublime: Tracing the Relationship Between Big Data and Professional Sport”, Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies, 22 (5): 494-509.

B. Hutchins (2016) “‘The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same’: Path Dependency, Sports Content, and the Suppression of Innovation in Mobile Television”, Telematics and Informatics, 33 (2): 703-10.

J. Freeman & B. Hutchins (2016) “Digital Media and Local Democracy: News Media, Local Governments and Civic Action”, Australian Journalism Review, 38 (2): 19-30.

Journal Special Issue: B. Hutchins, A. Podkalicka & J. Meese (eds.) (2015) “Media Sport: Practice, Culture and Innovation”, Media International Australia, No. 155: 66-152.

B. Hutchins, J. Meese & A. Podkalicka (2015) “Introduction – Media Sport: Practice, Culture and Innovation”, Media International Australia, No. 155: 66-69.

B. Hutchins (2014) “Twitter: Follow the Money and Look Beyond Sports”, Communication & Sport, 2 (2): 122-26.

B. Hutchins (2014) “Sport on the Move: The Unfolding Impact of Mobile Communications on the Media Sport Content Economy”, Journal of Sport and Social Issues, 38 (6): 509-27.

Published Media and Cultural Commentary

D. Rowe & B. Hutchins (2017) “Prize Fight Over Live-Streamed Sport Will Go On Long After the Final Bell Sounds”, The Conversation, 8 February.

J. Mikosza & B. Hutchins (2017) “The Business of Avoiding Sport”, Meanjin Quarterly, Autumn 76 (1): 168-73.

B. Hutchins (2016) “There’s a Time to Put Down the Smartphone, Seriously!” The Conversation, 25 July.

B. Hutchins (2015) “For Football, the Future Has Already Arrived”Inside Story23 June.

B. Hutchins (2014) “Death, Sport, and the Collapse of Critical Distance”, The Allrounder, 10 December.

B. Hutchins (2014) “All Kneel at the Temple of Apple’s Latest Technology”, The Conversation, 9 September.

B. Hutchins (2014) “Armchair Coaches Swimming in Rivers of Sport Data”, The Age [The Green Guide – “Livewire”], 13 March, p. 11.

Media Comment and Interviews

ABC News (2019) Matthew Smith and Daniel Keane, ‘Hannah Gadsby to Use Phone Pouches to Stop People Filming Her Shows’, 26 March.

ABC Radio 891 Adelaide (26 March 2019) Chatting with Ali Clarke on the Breakfast program, Brett spoke about the increasing use of the Yondr smartphone pouch at live events and the social experience of phone-free environments.

ABC Radio 720  Perth (19 March 2019) Speaking on the Early Mornings Program with Barry Nicholls, Brett discussed the changing etiquette of mobile phone use and how new mobile platforms and technologies require ongoing renegotiation in terms of what is considered acceptable and unacceptable in how we communicate with each other.

The Australian (2018) Dana McCauley, “Games Access Not Sporting, Says Rivals”, 9 April.

Sydney Morning Herald (2018) Felicity Caldwell, “Nine Ban to Serve as a Warning to Media Ahead of Commonwealth Games”, 3 April.

The Somatic Podcast – Episode 6 (20 December 2017) Brett was interviewed for the episode, “Sports Studies and Podcasting”, and discussed the productive intersections between scholarly research, the interview format and podcasting.

The World Today – ABC Radio (nationally syndicated) (6 December 2017) Stephen Smiley, “Commonwealth Games TV Contract Prompts Fairfax, News Corp Snub”.

Radio Live (New Zealand) (3 September 2017) Brett discussed the coverage of sport on television and Australia’s anti-siphoning legislation for major events with Mark Sainsbury on the Morning Talk program.

ABC News Television – The Business (2017) “Pay TV Operator, Foxtel, Could Be Major Casualty of the Television Wars”, 18 September.

1233 ABC Radio Newcastle (14 September 2017) Following the launch of the new Apple iPhone, Brett discussed the changing social impacts of smartphones on the way people communicate and connect in public and private life with the host of the Drive program, Paul Bevan.

612 ABC Radio Brisbane (24 June 2017) The host of the Saturday Breakfast program, Rebecca Levingstone, interviewed Brett about the growth in mobile phone free live events and the upcoming shows of comedian Chris Rock.

The New Daily (5 June 2017) Alana Mitchelson, “Sporting Events You May No Longer Be Able to Watch of Free-to-Air TV”, 5 June.

SYN Radio 90.7FM (17 February 2017) Brett was interviewed by Kelsey Rettino on the Panorama current affairs program about retro mobile phones and Nokia’s rumoured relaunch of the 3310 handset.

The New Daily (2017) Tom Heenan, “How the Big Bash League Took Australia’s Sporting Landscape by Storm”, 2 January.

ABC 24 Television – The Business (2016) “The Game of Phones for Free to Air Television”, 4 November.

In the Black magazine (2016) Michael Blayney, “How Sports Bodies are Cutting Out the Middleman”, September issue.

774 ABC Radio Melbourne (2 August 2016) Host Red Symons interviewed Brett about the differing forms of connection and disconnection offered  by mobile devices on the Breakfast program.

ABC Radio South East NSW (27 July 2016)  Host of the Breakfast program, Simon Lauder, interviewed Brett about the relationship between smartphones, live events and social life.

2SER Radio 107.3FM (26 July 2016) Lucy Ross on the Drive program spoke with Brett about the impact of mobile devices on the social experience of live music events.

107.9 ABC Radio Ballarat (26 July 2016) Brett discussed the use and non-use of smartphones at live music and sport events with Steve Martin on the Breakfast program.

The Age and Sydney Morning Herald (2015) David Ramli and Max Mason, “The Future of Sport on TV Isn’t on TV”, 7 November.

Mashable (US) (2015) Jason Abbruzzese, “Why Twitter is Cracking Down on the Sweet, Harmless Freedom of Football GIFs”, 15 October.

The Future of Sports (2015) “Broadcasting”. US National Market Research Report. Delaware North and Attention Span Media, September.

The City Journal (2015) James Hall, “Standing Strong by Goodes’ Side”, 29 July.

The New Daily (2015) Greig Johnston, “Google, Netflix and the Future of Live Football”, 22 June.

Mashable (US) (2015) Jason Abbruzzese, “Sports Leagues Respond to Periscope with Panic and Bans”, 8 May.

Sydney Morning Herald (2015) Lucy Cormack, “The Flight of Fantasy Sports as Gambling Joins In”, 2 May.

The New Daily (2015) Greig Johnston, “$10 billion EPL Bonanza: Can the AFL Cash In?”, 12 February.

Vibewire (30 September 2014) Brett was one of five invited experts who participated in a monthly Twitter Chat on the Serial Issue topic, Trending (#vwtrending).

702 ABC Radio Sydney (and 666 ABC Canberra and ABC New South Wales) (9 September 2014) Brett spoke with Rachel Perkins on the Evenings program about marketing, rumours, and the people who queued to be the first buyers of the Apple iPhone 6.   

SYN Radio 90.7FM (9 September 2014) Brett was interviewed by Alicia Barker on the Panorama current affairs program about the new iPhone and environmental costs of mobile media devices.

720 ABC Radio Perth (9 September 2014) Brett joined host Geoff Hutchison on the Mornings program to discuss the intersection between hype and symbolism at the launch of Apple’s iPhone 6. 

MX News (2014) Nadia Salemme, “Facebook is, Like, Funny”, 19 August, p. 2

Aussie Rules – The World (2014) Documentary film by Second Nature Films.

“The New Books in Sports” Podcast hosted by Bruce Berglund (US) 20 March 2014. Brett Hutchins and David Rowe discuss their co-authored research monograph, Sport Beyond Television: The Internet, Digital Media and the Rise of Networked Media Sport (Routledge 2012).

612 ABC Radio Brisbane (15 March 2014) Brett joined host Katrina Davidson on the Weekends program to discuss social media, Twitter and the football codes in Australia.

Advisory Work and Public Engagement

Appointed to Advisory Board for Somatic Podcast (2018-Present). (Sam Clevenger and Oliver Rick, University of Maryland)

Judging Panel Member (11 December 2014) The Oxfam Monash Innovators program. Monash University Law Chambers.