Conviction Politics ARC Linkage Project

The  Conviction Politics ARC Linkage Project led by MFJ's Associate Professor Tony Moore undertook an extensive interstate and international documentary shoot in May and June, that included Sydney, London, Glasgow, Manchester, Cork and Dublin. Working closely with research partner Roar Film ,Tony conducted more than 30  interviews, together with location shooting and digital archive and museum object capture, all of which will feature in a series of short documentaries and a traveling exhibition transforming how we understand convict transportation to colonial Australia.

In May and June the Conviction Politics ARC Linkage Project undertook an extensive documentary shoot first interstate to Sydney and Wollongong, and then internationally to ,London, Glasgow, Manchester, Cork and Dublin. Project lead Associate Professor Tony Moore working closely with Roar Film Creative Director Steve Thomas conducted more than 38 new interviews, combined with
location shooting and digital archive and museum object capture, to be deployed in the Conviction Politics’ short documentaries and travelling exhibition.

The NSW shoot (3-7 May 2022) embraced Parramatta Heritage Precincts, UNESCO listed convict penitentiary Cockatoo Island in the heart of Sydney harbour, Trades Hall, Hyde Park Barracks and West Dapto Cemetery, and interviewees included Tom Kenneally, Naomi Perry, John Jeremy, Libby Bennett, Prof Nick Carter, Mark Dunn, Neale Towart, Margaret Vos, John Dixon, Stephen Gapps, Terry Irving, Carlin de Montfort, Warren Fahey and Felicity Skoberne. The UK shoot, 6-24 Jun 2022, featured leading academics, writers and project partners such as the General Secretary elect of the UK’s Trade Union Congress Paul Nowak, and Director of the People’s History Museum Katy Ashton. The project team thanks all of our interviews who were generous with their time. The TUC hosted a one day workshop of project partners, and Tony presented Conviction Politics online hub and screened documentaries on the Conviction Politics at seminars at University College Cork (16 June), Kings College London’s Menzies Australia Centre (13th July) na d the TUC’s Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival Radical School (15 th July).

We thank project staff Dr Isabel Lu, Dr Kyle Harvey and UK based Paul Smith for their invaluable research and logistic support, and the film crews for their wonderful work, led by Aaron Wilson (Roar Film), Mariia Springis (London), Alexander Saunes (Manchester) and Ed Godsell (Cork).

Conviction Politics: A digital investigation of the convict routes of Australian democracy