Moore to deliver key addresses in Cork and London

Monash’s Head of Communications and Media Studies Associate Professor Tony Moore is presenting to audiences at University College London’s Faculty of Laws (UCL Laws) and University College Cork (UCC) in Ireland during April.

Assoc Prof Moore will introduce a screening of documentary, Death or Liberty, featuring a Q&A at UCC’s School of Film and Screen Media on Friday, April 16 in Cork.

Death or Liberty, Assoc Prof Moore’s book and documentary of the same name, tells a story about the rebels and radicals that the Empire banished to the end of the earth. They were political prisoners that included Irish independence fighters, Chartists agitating for democracy and worker’s rights in England and Wales, as well as American and Canadian republicans and trade union pioneers. Far from being out of sight, out of mind, their acts of protest and rebellion helped to create in Australia one of the most robust democracies of the modern age.

Death or Liberty features England’s Billy Bragg, Australia’s Mick Thomas and Ireland’s Lisa O’Neill. More information here.

As visiting academic at the Bentham Project, UCL Laws, Assoc Professor Moore’s seminar, Conviction Politics: a digital history of the convict roots of Australian democracy, will draw on his monograph, Death or Liberty, on Tuesday, April 30 in London.

The presentation will explore the place of transportation in a radical, transnational public sphere linking liberal, labour and anti-colonial political movements in the UK, Ireland and Canada with the early advancement of democracy and workers’ rights in the Australian colonies.

Special attention will be given to Conviction Politics, a new international digital history project led by Assoc Prof Moore, drawing on coded archives to map, and communicate to the public, patterns of collective resistance by the mass of ordinary convict workers and the political activity of transported protestors and rebels.

For more information on Assoc Professor Moore’s UCL Laws’ presentation, click here.