Presenting the student journalist of the year 2018, Peter Bateman

by Manmeet Gulati

Peter Bateman is a double Masters’ graduate in Journalism and International Relations from Monash University. Peter recently trumped a class field of entrants to win the Melbourne Press Club’s 2018 Student Journalist of the Year award.

How did your journey begin at Monash?

I am originally from Brisbane. I landed up at Monash as the University offers a compelling dual Master degree in the area of my interest. I have done my Bachelors in Business and Psychology. To my surprise, I enjoyed studying International Relations as much as Journalism. The study has been a perfect blend of theoretical and practical knowledge. Faculty of Arts definitely has a very friendly environment.

What has been your biggest learning at Monash?

A shift from Business to Arts where the latter involved a number of readings was definitely a challenge for me. While working as a travel writer, I discovered my inclination towards content writing which helped me swim through this challenge. Of all the units studied, I thoroughly enjoyed Video Journalism and Research and Writing which were a part of Journalism, along with Wars of Recognition under International Relations. The open discussions held in the tutorials and class formats were very interesting adding value to the overall learning.

What are you currently pursuing?

I am currently a Teaching Associate at Monash University where I am teaching Production and Digital Management to Master students. I have an internship lined up with the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia Pacific (UNESCAP) in Bangkok which involves production of multimedia and policy work.

How was the shift from Brisbane to Melbourne?

Melbourne is too cold compared to Brisbane. Of course there is a lot more city stuff to do in Melbourne and it is very multicultural.

What comprises your best memories at Monash?

Through Monash I got an opportunity to opt for the field trip units where I went for the Shanghai City Lab and New York Field Trip as well. These two have been my best experiences so far where I haven’t just travelled but learnt a lot as well.

Did you pursue any internship during your study at Monash?

My internships include one with The Age from July to December 2018. This was a 6-month internship. The internship with the Herald Sun was for 2 weeks in the month of March 2018. Both these places allowed me to investigate stories by spending weeks on them. I also interned at the Australian Institute of International Affairs for 6 months.

How does it feel to be awarded as the student journalist of the year 2018 by the Melbourne Press Club?

It definitely feels great. I was nominated for a story on which I worked at The Age. I didn’t see it coming but it has brought great joy to me.

Were there any difficulties in interacting with students from different nationalities?

Absolutely not. I made some really good friends hailing from different countries and speaking different languages. I feel the common nervousness which every student faces on the first day of the lecture brings all of us together on the same page.

What was the most beneficial take away from Monash?

I feel the opportunities available at University must be exploited by students. I am grateful for the internship opportunities which helped me grow professionally and identify my strengths rightly.

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