Media Lab Production Program

The Media Lab Production Program provides Monash staff and students with detailed instruction on Podcasting, Video Production, Presenting and Digital Marketing.

In these modules you will learn how to conduct and record interviews, multi-track edit, script and shoot video and present well on camera. You will also learn how to create compelling editorial content, while discovering how to harness the power of social media.

Podcasting Module

Be walked through creating and launching your own podcast.You’ll learn how to conduct and record interviews, collect ambient sound and record professional voice tracks. Multi-track editing is explained, allowing you to produce and brand your podcasts before launching them online to reach a broad audience.

Video Production Module

Here you will learn how to capitalise on the growing market for online videos and the shift toward video journalism. You’ll learn what equipment is needed, shooting techniques, scripting and multi-track video editing.

Presenting Module

This module will give you professional polish when it comes to presenting on camera, whether it be for prime time news, online videos or vodcasts. You’ll hear from a range of professionals including television anchors and journalists, to hair and make up artists, voice coaches and wardrobe specialists. They’ll help you look and sound great on camera.

Digital Marketing Module

Digital marketing is explained here. You’ll be shown how to harness the power of social media to build a profile and raise awareness of a brand, both personal and organisational. We’ll also show you how to use advertising platforms in popular social media sites and how to create compelling editorial content to attract search engines and capture an audience. Analytic programs are also explained so you can track the success of your online campaigns.