Asian Cultural & Media Studies

Program Leader: Professor Gil-Soo Han

The Asian Media and Culture research unit investigates transformations in media industries, politics, and practices emerging from the world’s largest and most populous continent. In the face of rapid economic growth in the region, new questions and challenges have emerged in relation to the acceleration of digital communication technologies; youth cultures and changing media consumption practices; and media and migration, for example.

The research program will place particular emphasis on transnational flows of media culture and the production, circulation and consumption of media across Asia, as well as throughout the Asian diasporas globally. Australia’s relationship to Asia also occupies a special focus, for example to address increasingly collaborative screen industries. The diversity and complexity of Asian media environments means that while the specificity of local context remains important, so too is interdisciplinary knowledge and collaboration required to address the opportunities and challenges afforded by the rich media cultures of the region.

Asian Media and Culture is an area of HDR research strength at Monash University, attracting an increasing number of local and international students to work with scholars in the School who have international reputations in this field. Over the last three years, numerous milestone panels and postgraduate projects on topics related to Asian media and culture have been evident.

Research projects

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Australia Research Council (ARC) Discovery Project:

  • Olivia Khoo, (with Koichi Iwabuchi, Fran Martin and Audrey Yue), Transforming Cultural Identity: Media Flows between Australia and East Asia, 2016-2018
  • Olivia Khoo, Belinda Smaill, (with Audrey Yue), The History of Asian Australian Cinema: Diaspora, Policy and Ethics, 2009-2011
  • Shane Homan, Lead CI, The cultural and economic value of music exports, University of Newcastle, Australian, 2016-2019


  • Gil-Soo Han (with Andrew Jackson, Lucien Brown, and Josie Sohn from the School of Languages, Literatures, Cultures and Linguistics) awarded funding from the Academy of Korean Studies for their five-year program Creating a Nexus at Monash for a Stronger Korean Studies in Melbourne and the Metropolitan Region
  • Gil-Soo Han (with Helen Forbes-Mewett, the School of Social Sciences) Victorian Department of Health and Human Services and the Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust for the project Approaches to Death, Funeral Rites and Memorialisation in Contemporary Australia: Changes and Continuities

Industry and Community Engagement

Olivia Khoo

  • Visiting Senior Research Fellow, Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore, 2015
  • Invited speaker at the East Asian Media studies conference, Harvard University 5-6 May, 2017
  • Panel member, Roundtable with Anhui Broadcasting China at Monash University, October 2017
  • Interviewed by ABC News China, September 2017, on Marriage Equality
  • Interviewed by Radio 3CR for a multilingual radio project ‘We Weren't Born Yesterday: Exploring Queer Heritage’ on queer Chinese films,, February 2015
  • Series Editor, Gender, Sexualities and Culture in Asia book series, Palgrave Macmillan

Dr Caron Dann

  • Academic progress for international students in the wake of COVID-19.


Assoc Prof Olivia Khoo, Asian Cinema: A Regional View (Forthcoming: Edinburgh University Press)

Asia’s film industries have undergone significant transformation in the last 30 years. From bilateral co-production agreements to pan-Asian financing, Asian cinema has assumed a regional identity beyond its constituent national cinemas. This book examines the dynamic industrial and cultural developments that have enabled greater co-operation and integration between Asia’s film industries. It brings a much needed focus on how collaborative Asian film industries are affecting models of financing, distribution, exhibition and reception in the region and beyond.