Reading Group

Envisioning the Environment Reading Group

The Envisioning the Environment Reading Group in Melbourne invites people who are interested in thinking about interconnections between environmental issues and questions of visuality to join us in an ongoing dialogue.

The group is open to a variety of topics and readings with the aim of exploring a wide range of methods and perspectives on the environment and the visual that emerge from critical media theory, philosophy, screen studies, cultural studies, science and technology studies, and more.

We began meeting online in 2020 during covid-19 lockdowns in Melbourne, and now meet semi-regularly alternating between in-person and online.

Recently we have discussed:

  • Elizabeth Povinelli’s ‘Geontologies’ (2016)
  • Karrabing Film Collective
  • Elizabeth Grosz’s ‘The Incorporeal’ (2017)
  • Kathryn Yusoff’s ‘A Billion Black Anthropocenes or None‘ (2018)

Alongside scholarly books and articles we aim to consider short films, audiovisual essays, photographs, and other media, and are open to possibilities that our reading may lead us to further activities/activisms.

If you are interested in attending or would like to be updated please email: or