About the Centre

About the Monash Migration and Inclusion Centre

The Monash Migration and Inclusion Centre (MMIC) is an interdisciplinary research unit established in the Faculty of Arts in 2018, leveraging the University’s strong investment and track record in migration and social inclusion research. The Centre brings together expertise from across Monash to generate practical solutions, inform policy and engage with industry and community groups on migration, inclusion, settlement and irregular migration issues.

MMIC has been established to enhance the University’s excellence in scholarly and applied research that tackles the impacts of global migration flows, particularly in Australia, including social, cultural, spatial, economic and political domains. The Centre takes a focussed, evidence-based and interdisciplinary approach to understand how migration—both regular and irregular—shapes social, economic and community relationships in Australia and abroad. Through a coordinated approach to knowledge development and dissemination, MMIC will pursue a research agenda that will result in evidence that can offer practical solutions for policymakers, service providers and communities.

MMIC Strategic Plan 2022-25