MMIC webinar: ‘COVID passport’: A ticket to open borders and greater mobility?’

The Monash Migration and Inclusion Centre is pleased to host a webinar titled, ‘COVID passport’: A ticket to open borders and greater mobility?’ on Wednesday, March 31st from 7.30-8.30pm AEST.

In a bid to safely reopen borders, resume international travel and end lockdown restrictions, there has been strong support from several governments and industry to adopt COVID vaccine passports (or immunity passport). But does the COVID-19 vaccine passport represent a desirable route back to normalcy, or the start of a new wave of inequitable migration regulations for vulnerable migrants? This webinar sets an agenda for critical research and inquiry into COVID-19 vaccine passports and their potential impacts for the migration and mobility of vulnerable migrants.

The webinar is the second in our 2021 series and will be hosted by our Deputy Director, Associate Professor Marie Segrave in partnership with Border Criminologies based at Oxford University. Marie will be joined by panellists, Bandana Pattanaik, International Coordinator of the Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women (GAATW).  Dr Sanja Milivojevic, Research Fellow in Criminology at La Trobe, Melbourne and Associate Director of Border Criminologies at Oxford University, Professor Luiza Bialasiewicz, a political geographer and Chair of European Governance at the University of Amsterdam, and co-director of  the Amsterdam Centre for European Studies (ACES), and Dr Siru Tan, research officer and teaching associate in the School of Social Sciences at Monash University with expertise on gendered labour, migration, regulation, human security, exploitation and criminalisation.

Register free here.