MMIC Welcomes Charishma Ratnam

Charishma Ratnam joins MMIC as our first postdoctoral research fellow.

MMIC is excited to welcome Charishma Ratnam as our first postdoctoral research fellow. Charishma completed her PhD at the University of New South Wales exploring how Sri Lankan refugees (re)create homes during resettlement in Sydney and why these (re)creations matter.

At MMIC, Charishma will be working with other colleagues in exploring the resettlement of migrants in regional Australia. This project will build collaborations with partnering universities in the ‘Network of Excellence’, generating a cross-comparison on how regional migration occurs and what can be improved.

Further, Charishma will be leading the MMIC postgraduate and early career researcher network for emerging scholars working in the areas of migration and inclusion research. She hopes that this network will provide support and mentoring and generate a sense of collegiality amongst peers.

Charishma is a human geographer, researching connections between  people, place, and lived experience. Her research interests are diverse and include displacement, resettlement, and how migrants navigate public space.

Throughout her work, Charishma has demonstrated a passion for developing innovative methods including the use of photography, videos, walking methods with participants and ethnography. She hopes that through this experience, she will be able to contribute to current and future MMIC projects and she is excited by the opportunity to work alongside wonderful researchers.