Monash University presents The International Conference and Cultural Event (ICCE) of Lampung Indonesia, 14-16 December 2021

ICCE Lampung 2021 will be the first International Conference to explore and celebrate the performing and visual arts, history and culture of Lampung, Indonesia. Themes related to migration and inclusion research are a part of this international event.

ICCE Lampung 2021, presented by the Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music and Performance in collaboration with the Monash Herb Feith Indonesia Engagement Centre, will mark the 56th anniversary of the Monash Faculty of Arts’ ongoing engagement with Indonesia. The conference will be presented online and is free to all presenters and participants. Opening night will be a free hybrid event, hosted at Monash University Teaching and Learning Building, Clayton Campus with a zoom attendance option.

The theme of the conference ‘Exploring, Celebrating and Understanding the Performing and Visual Arts and Culture of Lampung’, will critically address important issues regarding the history and future preservation of Lampung’s creative economy. The conference will capture presenters from a diverse array of disciplines including Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Ethnomusicology,Migrant and Transmigrant Studies and Postcolonial Studies. Among other issues, but related to migrant and inclusion, presenters will discuss constructs of identity of Lampung’s ethnic groups and transmigrant communities, art among these communities and the history of religious influences on the arts in Lampung, the arts in community development, local governance, and education and the significance of place in Lampung's cultural identity debate.

Keynote speakers include Professor Bart Barendregt (Leiden University, Netherlands); Professor Atsushi Oka (Keio University, Japan); Dr Rina Martiara (Institute of Arts, Yogyakarta, Indonesia): and Dr Aline Scott Maxwell, (Monash University).

The conference opening evening on Tuesday, December 14, will include an array of free activities, entertainment and a traditional dinner feast of South Sumatran/Lampung cuisine. First, guests will be invited on a live exhibition tour, led by Professor Margaret Kartomi, of Lampung musical instruments, textiles (DELETE tapis) and artefacts, presented by the Music Archive of Monash University (MAMU) in the Sir Louis Matheson Library at Monash University Clayton. The keynote address will follow, presented by Dr Aline Scott Maxwell. The evening will also feature a performances of the Lampung dance Sigeh Penguten and MAMU's Monash University Talo Balak Ensemble.

Prospective presenters are invited to submit their abstracts (150-200 words) and biographies (100-150 words) to <> by Monday 30th August 2021. Papers are invited that cover the following themes:

  • Tradition and change in the musical arts
  • The current state of the traditional dances and contemporary choreographies
  • The arts of migrant and transmigrant communities
  • The bardic story-telling, poetry, theatre, literature, or martial arts traditions
  • The manuscripts and arts of the royal past and the documents of the colonial era
  • Textiles, painting, sculpture, jewellery
  • Cultural contact and Indian influence on Lampung’s visual arts heritage
  • The significance of place in Lampung's cultural identity debate
  • History of religious influences on the arts in Lampung
  • Lampung’s arts in the Southeast Asian context
  • The Arts and Islam in Lampung
  • The politics and/or economics of cultural heritage, festivals, and tourism
  • Popular arts, populism and activism
  • Artistic expressions of environmental and climate change issues
  • The arts in community development, local governance, and education
  • Sources and collections of the arts in museums, archives and libraries
  • Contributions to research methodologies and stylistic analysis of the performing and/or visual arts

For all information and updates about the conference, including free registration, visit the conference website.