Next Generation Network Wrap Up

This year, the ‘MMIC Postgraduate Network’ was refreshed as the ‘MMIC Next Generation Network’. Led by MMIC’s Research Fellow, Dr Charishma Ratnam, the Network is growing from strength to strength. Now with over 190 members, there are plans to bring further visibility to the Network in the coming years.

As the world grappled with the pandemic in 2020, Next Generation Network (NGN) members continued to pursue their research and writing endeavours in new and innovative ways. More information on some NGN members in the field is available here. The Network held a number of events, including weekly check-ins that turned into Shut Up & Write sessions. A Network Committee was formed, which included PhD candidates Prabha Arachchige, Suzanne Grasso, Meg Randolph, and Charlie Young.

In 2020 alone, the NGN held a number of events. The first event, focused on developing a research narrative, was led by MMIC Director, Associate Professor Rebecca Wickes, and Deputy Director, Associate Professor Marie Segrave. The Network’s second event involved Dr Susan Carland and Professor Alex Piquero who discussed their experiences of public engagement. The final event of the year was on working in industry and with practitioners, led by Trish Prentice (Scanlon Foundation Research Institute) and Annabel Brown (Centre for Policy Development). The guest speakers and panellists across the events brought immense insight and knowledge, which led to candid conversations with Network members.

The Network will continue to offer more events and opportunities for connection in 2021. To join the NGN and stay up to date with upcoming events, click here.