About The MMIC Next Generation Network

The MMIC Next Generation Network (NGN) comprises postgraduates and early career researchers whose scholarship broadly aligns with migration and social inclusion. Our Network members’ interests and projects align with MMIC’s research portfolios and contribute to innovative, applied research and valuable community engagement. Through the NGN, members share ideas across diverse disciplines such as sociology, law, health, criminology, geography, design, and politics.

The Next Generation Network is a platform for members to engage with other early career researchers, established scholars, policymakers, and industry practitioners. The NGN hosts events each year providing an opportunity for members to present their work and learn from senior academics and practitioners through masterclasses, workshops, and symposiums.

Some of our MMIC postgraduates with visiting scholar, Anna Some of our MMIC postgraduate students with visiting scholar, Professor Anna Triandafyllidou in 2018.

Image: Some of our postgraduate students with MMIC Visiting Scholar, Professor Anna Triandafyllidou, in 2018.