Network Member Profiles

Our Network brings together postgraduate and early career scholars who are broadly researching migration and inclusion, fostering an environment where we can share ideas across multiple disciplines. Scholars from Masters to Postdoctoral level are encouraged to join our research community.


Our members’ research projects and interests align with the Centre’s Research Themes and migration-related issues. Information about our members’ research interests and contact details can be found below.

Amarpreet Abraham, Family violence; Indian-Australian women; MKOs; education; phenomenology,, Twitter: @amarpreetabrah1

Khulud Alhamazani, Refugees; border crossing; home; oppressive regimes; gender-specific persecution; theocratic education,

Margherita Angelucci, Migrant identity; second generations; translanguaging; Hip Hop; Italian contemporary culture,

Brendon Ren Jie Ban, Identity; intergroup processes; belonging; migration,, Twitter: @hunny_bunny1998

Bircan Ciytak, Migration; diaspora governance; belonging; politics of emotion,, Twitter: @BircanCiytak

Margaret (Meg) Davis, Women refugees; regional resettlement; diversity of countries of origin within Africa and influences on resettlement; contexts of pre arrival experiences; belonging and relationship context in resettlement,

Matteo Dutto, Diasporic and community media; participatory action research; transcultural youth; documentary interventions,, Twitter: @matteo_dutto

Corie Gray, Transnationalism; sexual health; women; participatory research,, Twitter: @coriegray_

Emmanuel Gruzman, Migration; refugees; socioeconomic and cultural adaptation; Jewish identity; ethnicity and religion,, Twitter: @Emmanuelgruzman

Iori Hamada, Skilled migration; social inclusion; gender; food,, Twitter: @hamada_iori

Helen Hanna, Migrants; primary education; inclusion; recognition; creative methods, @DrHelenHanna

Kieran Hegarty, Cultural heritage; community archives; collective memory; representation; institutional ethnography,

Nicole Helps, Socio-spatial exclusion; inclusion; social control; governance,, Twitter: @HelpsCJ

Asher Hirsch, Refugee law; externalisation; human rights law,, Twitter: @ashhirsch

Danielle Horyniak, Health; substance use; refugees; deported migrants; human rights,, Twitter: @drhoryniak

Souvik Lal Chakraborty, Social movement; environmental governance; South Asia,, Twitter: @LalSouvik

Satrio Nindyo Istiko, Migration; race; ethnicity; health; qualitative health research,, Twitter: @QualHealthTiko

Chloe Keel, Fear of crime; community cohesion; visa regulation,, Twitter: @chloekeel_

Lutfun Nahar Lata, Migrants; work; gig economy; housing; community; social inequality; public policy,, Twitter: @Lata1319

Seng Boon Lim, Smart city development; citizenship; governance; citizen participation; urban planning; social inclusion,, Twitter: @SengboonL

Charlotte Mackay, Francophone Sub-Saharan African literature and cultural production; social cohesion; migration; marginalisation; migration policies; decolonisation,

Henrietta McNeill, Criminal deportations; Pacific; reintegration; transnational crime,, Twitter: @ManaiaTiene

Sam Miles, International students; mental health; housing; PBSA; higher education policy,, Twitter: @SamMilesPhD

Claire Moran, African youth; social media; identity; belonging,, Twitter: @ClaireM0RAN

Zainab Mourad, Neoliberalism; diversity; migration,, Twitter: @Zainab__Mourad

Joseph Musasizi, Refugees and asylum seekers; host communities' experiences; intercultural/group relations; refugee NGOs,, Twitter: @MusasiziJoseph

Patrícia Nabuco Martuscelli, Refugees; Asylum policies; Latin America; family reunification,, Twitter: @Patnabuco

Anh Nguyen, Refugee migrants digital histories; Modern slavery & Migration; Capacity building research/advocacy arts/public history,, Twitter: @Joan_of_Arts

Kien Nguyen-Trung, Risk; natural disaster; community resilience; social capital,, Twitter: @kiennguyenxhh

Nirukshi (Niru) Perera, Migrant language use in Australia; migrant religious institutions; language and identity; health communication for migrants,, Twitter: @nirukshi_perera

Thao Phan, Algorithmic culture; race; gender; feminist technoscience,, Twitter: @thao_pow

Rebecca Powell, Criminology; convicted non-citizens; s501 deportation; risk; human rights; crimmigration,,

Anisa Puri, Oral history; childhood and youth; migration; secondary analysis; digital history,, Twitter: @ap_ap_ap_

Kathryn Reynoldson, Immigration policy and settlement; multiculturalism; equal access to education,

Rida Riaz, Transnational marriages; integration; Muslim women,

Jaekyung Roh, Migration; multiculturalism; ethnic community; identity; digital media,, Twitter: @JaekyungRoh

Gianluigi Rotondo, Intercultural Communication; Refugees; Asylum Seekers; Resettlement; NGOs & CBOs,, Twitter: @GianluigiR76

Olha Shmihelska, Immigration policy and law; labour market integration; health and well-being,, Twitter: @shmihelska

Laura Simpson Reeves; Diasporas; culture; poverty; gender,; Twitter: @LauraSimRee

Goshu Tefera, Migration; diaspora; resettlement; Ethiopia/Africa,, Twitter: @goshtefera

Phuong Thai, Skilled workers; migration; settlement; identities; inclusion,, Twitter: @PhuongThai_Soci

Mandy Truong, Race and racism; health care and health systems; cultural safety; model minority; family violence,, Twitter: @mandy_tru

John van Kooy, Refugees; asylum seekers; settlement; integration; social policy,, Twitter: @johnvankooy

Leah Williams Veazey, Migration; motherhood; online communities; health,; Twitter: @leahmouse

Toshiyuki Yamazaki, International student (i)mmobilities; educational and life transitions; human geography,, Twitter: @toshi_yamazaki3

Faiza Yasmeen, Migration; gender; employment; labour market integration,

Charlotte (Charlie) Young, Migrants; health and wellbeing; immigrant organisations,,  Twitter: @charlieyoung_88

Yun Yu, Education mobility; intercultural engagement; diversity and equality; international education,, Twitter: @Emmayunyu

Lourdes Zamanillo, Intercultural relationships; social media; social inclusion,, Twitter: @lula_317