The Migration, Borders and Policy Observatory

The Migration, Borders and Policy Observatory is an expansion and rebranding of the virtual research Centre hosted at Monash University from 2010-2020: The Border Crossing Observatory. The Migration, Borders and Policy Observatory research portfolio is a key platform of MMIC, focused specifically on the intersection of border control and immigration law, regulations and policy with  border crossing experiences and patterns. The research across this portfolio includes human trafficking and modern slavery, migrant worker exploitation and abuse including unlawful migrant workers, deportation and offshore detention policy transfer. The portfolio also maintains the Border Deaths Database: Australia's only data collection system that accounts for border-related deaths. While the portfolio is informed by interdisciplinary approaches and draws on expertise across a range of fields, it is heavily focused on border criminology scholarship and scholars who are leading research in this field internationally.
The Portfolio is led by Assoc. Prof. Marie Segrave, and also Prof. Mary Bosworth (also a Professor at Oxford University), who leads our affiliated virtual research centre: Border Criminologies.

Portfolio Team:

Associate Professor Marie Segrave
Associate Professor of Criminology
Monash University, Faculty of Arts

Professor Mary Bosworth
Professor of Criminology
Monash University, Faculty of Arts 
Director of Border Criminologies at Oxford University

Associate Professor Dayna Simpson
Associate Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management
Monash University, Faculty of Business

Dr Shih Joo (Siru) Tan
Early Career Researcher

Dr Bodean Hedwards
Early Career Researcher

Rebecca Powell
Doctoral Candidate
'Deportation of convicted New Zealanders from Australia'

Meg Randolph
Doctoral Candidate
'A spatio-temporal analysis of Australia's offshore detention policies'