Monitoring slavery and exploitation

Increasingly the region and the world recognises the intersection of migration and exploitation as a key challenge and reality in many settings. Exploitation takes many forms and ranges from criminal offences akin to slavery and human trafficking to employment law breaches that impact, most often, low and unskilled labourers who have precarious migration status. Building on over a decade of original research focused on efforts to respond to human trafficking and slavery in the region and beyond, this area of research expertise is consolidating and leading the regional effort to monitor the recognition and response to all forms of migrant labour exploitation, with a focus on low and unskilled labourers who have the least protections and access to support mechanisms. This area of MMIC will also work to monitor the growing commitment of corporations, with the context of Australia’s new Modern Slavery Act, to ensure that supply chains are ‘free’ of exploitation akin to slavery and trafficking.

Portfolio lead:

Associate Professor Marie Segrave

Featured publication:

Milivojevic, S, Moore, H & Segrave, M 2020, ‘Freeing the Modern Slaves, One Click at a Time: Theorising human trafficking, modern slavery, and technology’, Anti-Trafficking Review, vol.14, pp. 16-32.