Policing, borders and inclusion

This theme brings together Monash scholars, along with their academic collaborators and community partners, who are working on border crossing, community-based policing and border control. The core idea connecting these areas of inquiry is the concept of ‘bordering practices’ which operate at the interface of physical and social inclusion to create regimes of differential inclusion. Research under this umbrella looks critically at border control as traditionally understood, but also examines practices at non-geographical borders which have the effect of dividing populations. It therefore scrutinises the actions of a range of enforcement agencies, such as state police, and other key service providers who may play a role in determining, not only who is physically present in Australia, but also the degree to which they are legally and socially included.

Portfolio lead:

Associate Professor Leanne Weber

Featured publication:

Weber, L 2020, ''You're going to be in the system forever': Policing, risk and belonging in Greater Dandenong and Casey', April 2020, Melbourne.