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The MMIC researcher and postgraduate network have been very productive on the publishing front in the past few months and have a number of new publications to share with you.


Journal Articles

Book Chapters

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  • Gamlen, A. (In Press 2018) 'Why Engage Diasporas?' In K. Stierstorfer and J. Wilson (eds). The Routledge Diaspora Studies Reader. London: Routledge.
  • Gan, J. and Forbes-Mewett, H. (2018) 'International Students Mental Health: An Australian case study of Singaporean students' perceptions. In K. Bista (ed.), Global Perspectives on International Student Experiences in Higher Education: Tensions and Issues. Routledge (Taylor & Francis, USA).
  • Gunawardana, S. J. (2018) 'Rethinking labour migration and the state' in True, J., Parashar, S. & Tickner, A. Gendered States Revisited: Implications for 21st Century International Relations Oxford University Press.
  • Gunawardana, S. J.  (2018). ‘Internal migration for development: women in global factories’ in Elias, J. & Roberts, A., Handbook of International Political Economy and Gender, Edward Elgar.

  • Gunawardana, S. J. (Forthcoming) 'Industrialization, Feminization and Mobilities' in Elias, J. & Roberts, A. Handbook of International Political Economy and Gender, Edward Elgar.

  • Missbach, A. (2018) 'Big fears about small boats: How asylum seekers keep upsetting the Indonesia-Australia relationship', in: T. Lindsey and D. McRae (eds), Strangers Next Door? Australia and Indonesia in the Asian Century, Bloomsbury Publishing, Melbourne, 2018: 123-144.

  • Powell, R. and Segrave, M. (2018) 'In the absence of sympathy: Serious criminal offenders and the impact of border control measures' in A. Fili, S, Janhsen and R. Powell Criminal Justice Research in an Era of Mass Mobility, London: Routledge.
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Blog posts and online

Missbach, A. and Palmer, W. (2018) 'Indonesia: A country grappling with migrant protection at home and abroadMigration Policy Institute. 19 September 2018.

Missbach, A. (2018) 'Waiting Years On End', Refugee Research Blog 5 April 2018.