Inclusive Neighbourhoods

Researchers at Monash University are conducting a project that aims to examine how residents perceive their local area and surrounding neighbourhoods. The researchers are also interested in residents’ perceptions of belonging, inclusion, and threat in their local area.

The research team will be sending flyers to residents in 9 neighbourhoods and will invite them to an interview to better understand how they define the boundaries of their local area and experiences of living there, especially as it relates to belonging, inclusion, and threats in the local community. They are also interested in the types of relationships these residents have with other in their local area.

If you received a flyer in the mail and would like more information about the project, please read the Explanatory Statement here.

For more information about this project, contact us:

Chief Investigators

Professor Rebecca Wickes

Dr Susan Carland

Dr Charishma Ratnam

Chloe Keel