Migrant and refugee women in Australia

Migrant and refugee women in Australia: The safety and security study

The ‘Migrant and refugee women in Australia: The security and safety study’ is a landmark national study conducted in partnership with HarmonyAlliance: Migrant and Refugee Women for Change.

The survey focuses on women’s safety and security, with a spotlight on domestic and family violence. Given that it was undertaken in 2020 amidst the disruption, impact and hardships caused by the global pandemic, the survey captures some of the impacts of COVID-19 on the lives and safety of migrant and refugee women in Australia.

The report offers key findings, drawn from almost 1400 responses, in relation to domestic and family violence, general victimisation, trust in institutions, employment, and financial security. The research insights lay the ground for more nuanced understandings of the diversity of migrant and refugee women’s experiences and the need for responses to support and protect women to reflect this diversity. Its findings can be used to inform policy and other measures that may best support migrant and refugee women as we look towards a post-COVID-19 future where women's safety and security is a national priority.