Population movement development, and the environment

This theme of population dynamics considers the complex interaction of population movements, socio-economic development processes, and environmental change processes across the Asia Pacific region and beyond. We seek to understand how new patterns of migration and urban superdiversity can be managed to promote sustainable population growth and development. We focus on the demography and political geography of migration dynamics at the municipal, national and global scales. We study the relationship between migration and development in origin- and destination-countries, and how this relationship is moderated by diaspora engagement and by supranational governance arrangements. We are developing data visualisation tools to equip migration researchers for interdisciplinary social science in the age of big data. We lead the flagship journal Migration Studies, published by Oxford University Press, and aim to develop the next generation of demographers and migration scholars capable of working with government, NGOs and industry in planning for sustainable migration across the Asia Pacific and beyond.

Research leads

Associate Professor Dharmalingam Arunachalam

Associate Professor Alan Gamlen